I worked in Marketing Communications, Branding and Corporate Relations for 30-odd years. Using images and words to communicate a message, a brand, a story or an emotion.
I did a lot of commercial photography in the early days. From PR work in the music industry to Product and Advertising with a mix of 35mm, 6x6 and 5x4. Then I had a better offer and bit by bit I found I didn't have the time for actual photography.
Instead I did a lot of graphic design, designed exhibition stands, wrote advertising copy, crafted marketing messages, designed advertising and direct mail campaigns, commissioned & directed photography projects, helped launch brands, created management presentations, edited and produced internal magazines, managed website design & content, scripted, produced and directed live B2B customer communications events,  produced and directed a fair number of corporate videos.  Then established a MarCom Consultancy to help mostly blue-chip companies and public-sector organisations tell their stories to their internal and external audiences through live events.
And I had the pleasure of working with a great bunch of highly creative, super self-motivated people.
Then I retired. And I felt the need for a hobby.
Images had always been central in my working life. Either as a photographer working to a client brief or as a client, commissioning and managing photography projects. So I decided in mid-2014 to become a photographer again, but with the luxury of now being able to take photographs only for myself.
However, I became quite unwell at the beginning of 2015 and diagnosed, fortunately quite quickly, with pancreatic cancer. It was going to need some pretty radical surgery, six months of chemotherapy and a massive amount of recovery time. Which rather put paid to most types of photography in the rest of 2015 and a lot of 2016. But so far, whilst I've certainly not come through unscathed, it appears that I may be a cancer survivor. So far. And it does substantially change one’s perspective on life.  Why am I telling you this? Because the message to anyone reading this is 'Please Don't Wait'! Finding and treating cancer at an early stage really can save lives.
I've always enjoyed photographing people and so people feature in the majority of my images.  I’m at home in a studio but I'm also attracted to reportage/documentary/street work where one can tell an interesting story
Thanks for visiting.  And if you've enjoyed looking at any of my images, please do drop me a note on Instagram.