Becoming a photographer again

"Pictures can tell a story, create understanding, lift a heart and engage our emotions"

Back in the Seventies I did commercial photography in my home city of Manchester.  Then I was seduced away to a career in Marketing Communications and Corporate Relations for 35 years.  So when retirement came along I figured that I would need a hobby and I decided to try to become a photographer again .... but this time just for the pure enjoyment.  And in Gloucestershire.

Most of my photography involves people.  Many of the images will attempt to elicit an emotion.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  A stroll through the genrés will give you a feel for what I like to shoot and you'll find the majority of my individual projects in the Archive. Hope that you enjoy.


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End of Days

The Post-Apocalypse village. Buried in woodlands in deepest Buckinghamshire, a place that draws warboys, tankgirls, wasteland warriors and armageddonists. And provides a shelter from the zombies. You might get in, but there's no guarantee that you'll ever be able to leave. And, funnily enough, they're...

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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, hidden in the shadow of a 12th century Abbey in the town of Malmesbury - Englands oldest borough. At dusk, beautiful nymphs appear in the fading golden light and there's a magical frisson in the atmosphere.  A wonderful place to be...

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Androgyny .. in the back streets of Plymouth

Shot in backstreets of Mutley Plain, Plymouth one Friday evening against street murals, metal staircases and an underground private car park, all in a 3 hour period as it was going dark....

Dunes and Beaches

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, a fashionable place, is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in northern France. A small town with a population of 50,355 welcomes up to 250,000 people during the summer.   Originally an area of wild sand dunes and forest – part of a hunting...

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Tango in Paris

On the left bank of the Seine at Quai Saint-Bernard there is a small park named after the Corsican singer and movie star Tino Rossi. It's between the Sully and Austerlitz bridges and it's become enormously popular as an impromptu dance venue from mid-afternoon into the...

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Carla Monarco

A young woman who I've photographed several times now and who, I believe, represents everything that is professional about studio work and modelling. And such an absolute pleasure to work with....

Stroud Raft Race

One of those daft things that the English like to do. Once a year. The Challenge …. to design and build a raft that can take up to 6 team members along the 1.2km stretch of the Thames and Severn Canal starting from The...

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Gloucester Docks in Winter

Where ships once discharged their cargoes, there is now an ever-changing miscellany of visiting narrow boats, smart motor cruisers and the occasional yacht or tall ship. The former dock estate includes many fine warehouses and is a remarkably complete example of a Victorian port....

Vide Greniers

The French tradition that is not to be missed is the Vide Grenier (AKA Car Boot Sale). The idea is to empty your loft/garage, find all the old crap – I mean, valuable treasures – take it to a specific location and try to...

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