Becoming a photographer again

"Pictures can tell a story, create understanding, lift a heart and engage our emotions"

It's no secret that an image that most people would consider successful will have triggered some emotion within the person viewing it. Be that happiness, sadness, joy, fear, anger, surprise, trust, anticipation, intrigue – or even disgust - that emotion will contribute to the image catching the eye of that person or prompting them to look at it again.

In the 1970’s I worked as a commercial photographer before being lured into Marketing Communications and PR where I spent the next 35 years.  No surprise then that images have always been central to my working life and in the various jobs I had I was mostly responsible for selecting the very best images that would ‘catch the eye’ when used in a wide range of media including print, illustration, exhibitions, AV/Video and advertising.


However, for me, too often it seems that a 'successful' image simply equals a ’technically perfect’ one in the minds of some photographers, rather than an image that has emotional impact, an image that excites or depresses, one that arouses feeling of elation, guilt or pain ... or one that simply tells a story.

So, whilst an image obviously still needs to be technically competent, as I get back into photography - and this time only as a hobby -  I'm trying to create strong images that hopefully engage with the viewer, rather than strong technical images with no soul.

Having retired and without the pressure of business I'd hope that I might have the opportunity to pass on to others some stuff that I’ve learned over the years.

What photography have I recently been doing?