Amie Boulton

Amie is a professional, Devon based, internationally travelled model who specialises in fashion and beauty with niches in both sixties and androgynous styling. She covers many modelling genres and has a versatile look with the ability to pose without direction; amongst photographers she's known as 'The Posing Machine'.

She approaches modelling with a professional attitude and likes to think of herself as down to earth and fun to work with. She's known for bringing a lot of energy and enthusiasm to shoots. She admits that a lot of her portfolio shows attitude and she wears that classic 'resting bitch face' however, in reality, she's a really bubbly smiley character


Kings Weston House, Bristol has many 18th-century features, including magnificent ceilings, marble fireplaces, and a stunning suspended central staircase. Many thanks to Amie and to Chris Conway for organising the day there.




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