"Pictures can tell a story, create understanding, lift a heart and engage our emotions"

Back in the Seventies I did commercial photography in my home city of Manchester.  Marketing Communications and Corporate Relations then seduced me away for 35 years  (It was better money!).
So when retirement came along I figured that I would need a hobby and I decided to try to become a photographer again .... but this time only for the pure enjoyment.  And now in Gloucestershire.
Most of my photography involves people.  Many of the images will attempt to elicit an emotion.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  If you stroll through the genrés you’ll get a feel for what I like to shoot. And you'll find the majority of my individual ideas in the Project Galleries. Hope that you enjoy.





During the Covid pandemic I wanted a project that I could add images to as well as some new ideas on an ongoing basis. And, given that I needed to shield for 6 months, not to have to leave the house.

It started with vegetables grown in our organic garden - which need earth and water to grow. It developed with the addition of fire which is needed to cook.  Then the challenge of using just one light to create an image that might be worth looking at twice. Kept me busy. It’s still a bit of an ongoing project.

Previous Projects

Le Canal Du Midi

Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the major 17th century works, the Canal du Midi, gives a 240km link from Garonne to the Mediterranean and passing through the Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees regions....

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Loving Languedoc

Languedoc today covers just a small part of the much larger area of France that was known in the Middle Ages as the Pays de Langue d’Oc.   The “Langues d’Oc” was a name given to a whole family of French dialects spoken in the southern...

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Zara Watson

Zara, in her own words ….. “I feel like the lens is my stage where I perform, and I love it! I love all styles of modelling, serious, cool, strong, sexy, with attitude, fun, happy, commercial, quirky, creative, feminine, soft”. Top drawer. Ultimate Pro. What...

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Oh, all those blockbuster A-list towns – Arles, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Nice – they all live up to their hype and welcome the tourist hordes. But to get a taste of traditional Provencal life at a slower pace, be sure to visit some of the many small...

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Stroud Raft Race

One of those daft things that the English like to do. Once a year. The Challenge …. to design and build a raft that can take up to 6 team members along the 1.2km stretch of the Thames and Severn Canal starting from The...

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Jessica is a professional Fashion, Hair and Beauty model based in Cheshire. She’s an artist and designer as well as a model and well equipped when it comes to self styling and she also makes a few of her own fashion garments for shoots....

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Aviation Apocalypse

Two models, loads of old aircraft and it poured down. Making the most of a difficult shoot at the Gatwick Aviation Museum with Gavin Hoey, Tommy Reynolds, models Kerry Allingham and Roger Bruce …. and a very large smoke machine. The museum has a...

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Prescott Hill Climb

Every year there are six events held at Prescott, two of them rounds of the British Hillclimb Championship, the VSCC meeting and three ‘club’ events. On my first outing I learned two things: Photographing fast moving cars in this sport is pretty tricky and...

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Film Noir … In Malmsbury

Not a place generally associated with Film Noir. But when Artemis Fauna takes to the streets after dark with a storyboard you know that there'll be some good come from it. Apart from the dead body, that is. Shot entirely on my Nikon D810...

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Winter Night at Didcot

The original Great Western Railway Engine Shed was built in 1932, using loans provided by the government to relieve unemployment. Now it's the centrepiece of the Didcot Railway Centre, a unique collection of Great Western Railway steam locomotives, carriages and buildings in a 21...

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